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“British Roots – Brilliant Coffee”

Meet Rick, a former pharmaceutical executive turned passionate coffee roaster. With an extensive background in business operations and safety, he infuses a unique perspective into the FDA-regulated coffee industry. Hailing from the UK, Rick’s journey began with specialty coffee, revealing a love for its intricate flavors unlocked through roasting.

A perpetual student, Rick earns SCA certifications to perfect his craft. At Burwell Beans, he meticulously roasts and hand-sorts beans for superior quality. Beyond coffee, Rick finds harmony in playing the saxophone, reading, and spreading laughter as a practical joker.

Blending his affinity for jazz and unwavering standards from pharma, Rick crafts an inviting roastery experience. Join our community, savoring exceptional coffee and embracing Rick’s lively spirit at Burwell Beans. Cheers to flavor and connection!


“I want you to feel right at home when you join the community at Burwell Beans. My energy, passion, and devotion are infused into every roast, making every coffee moment with us truly special, and I take pride in the exceptional quality and service we offer.”


Rick – Founder, Burwell Beans

our story

The story behind our name and logo

Burwell Beans draws inspiration from the historic English town of Burwell, nestled by a river. The name itself, rooted in Anglo-Saxon origins, signifies a settlement near water, symbolizing renewal and trade prospects.

Reflecting this essence, our logo mirrors the town’s form, encapsulating water droplets and resembling a butterfly—an emblem of rejuvenation. Having resided in Burwell while embarking on a personal fresh start, I found in its name and imagery a profound resonance, epitomizing my own journey of a new beginning.

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Ethically Sourced
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Giving Back & Community
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Environmentally Conscious

A Company You Can Trust

At Burwell Beans, we take pride in being a company you can trust. As a small owner-operated business, we prioritize personalized service and direct communication with our valued customers. When you choose us, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the owner is your single point of contact throughout your entire experience.  With Burwell Beans, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a dedicated and accountable owner who is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service, making your coffee journey truly memorable.

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Our Mission Is The Ultimate Coffee Experience

Customer service at its finest
Operational excellence
Friends of the Earth
Fresh start to your day
Exceptional beans
Excitement in the community

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  • Bossa Brazil

    Bossa Brazil Direct Relationship

    $16.00$54.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    Bossa Brazil Direct Relationship

    $16.00$54.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    Bossa Brazil is a super smooth Brazilian single origin, that we buy though a direct relationship from the Fazenda Santa Luzia Farm, in the Cerrado Mineiro region.

    Roast Level: Medium

    Ideal For: Filter, Press

    Type: Single Origin Direct Relationship

    Origin: South America

    Process: Natural

    Variety: Red Bourbon

    Flavor Notes: Sweet Citrus Fruits,  Orange Blossom, Full Body, Smooth Aftertaste

    Quick View
Colombia El Chupadero

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