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Bits ‘N Bobs Coffee Blend

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Bits ‘N Bobs coffee blend is an affordable way to experience great-tasting coffee, plus every bag is different. We do not like generating waste, so we craft one-of-a-kind blends with coffees left over from the week’s roasts. Each blend is made using fresh high-quality specialty coffee and we pair beans that we know work well together.

This is a win: win as you get a chance to try some unique coffee at an affordable price and we cut down on composting really good coffee (well actually, Rick takes most of them home to drink!).

Be adventurous. Try Bits ‘N Bobs coffee blend. Only available in 8oz bags and typically a medium roast.

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Bits 'N Bobs coffee blend came from an idea through my wife Laura. I'd usually take home leftover beans blended at the roastery from the day's roasting. I'd always hear "wow, what coffee is this, it's really good?" I'd reply with "some bits and bobs left over from today". A lot of the coffee blends crafted at Burwell Beans started as a discovery like this and then reworked in the coffee lab, before releasing.

We do not like generating waste and this is an awesome way to allow customers to try some affordable flavors while reducing waste and costs.

Be adventurous.

1 review for Bits 'N Bobs Coffee Blend

  1. Michelle Dias (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the Bits N Bobs that I received. I’ve only tried it once so far. I’m curious how next time it would taste different. Tastes great and a great price too. I recommend it.

    • Rick Appleton

      Thank you Michelle! Bits ‘N Bobs is a fun offering to create something different each time and very happy you enjoyed it.

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