The Martin Breakfast Blend

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A Breakfast Blend, ideal for any brewing preparation, light-medium roasted and good to drink anytime.


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Named after our Founder's 1954 tenor saxophone, this is a great breakfast blend, or to sip anytime! The harmony created by blending Guatemala and Ethiopia beans, provides the perfect tasting cup.

Tasting notes:

  • Chocolate
  • Citrus
  • Berry

Blend of washed Guatemala (1,490 - 1,680 masl) and washed Ethiopia Naga Singage Yirgacheffe (1,950-2,150 masl). The Guatemala beans are from Finca El Jardin Farm, owned by Pablo Del CID (direct relationship). The beans area mix of Pache and Caturra varieties.  The Ethiopia beans are from the Testsi Nage Singage Adorsi Washing Station in the renowned Yirgacheffe region . The beans are a mix of Karume and Wolisha varieties and are fully washed and naturally sun-dried.

1 review for The Martin Breakfast Blend

  1. Art Crow

    Having lived in and traveled Europe for 7 years, I developed a taste for the rich full-bodied coffees so common in European bistros. After returning to the States I spent years searching for a coffee that would match the up to the great coffees I experienced during my travels; American coffees just don’t have the full-body and richness of European coffees. I thought I was relegated to the vacuum packed espresso coffee or supermarket bean choices… and then I received a package of Burwell Beans’ Ethio-Jazz beans.

    When I opened the package, the delicate aroma from the freshly roasted Ethiopian beans brought tingles to my nose. Grinding the beans and brewing this coffee strain I had never tasted before only got my taste buds stirring and increased my anticipation of that first cup. They were not disappointed in the least!

    The first sip to cross my lips let me know this was not my regular coffee. The flavor was robust, with a fruity/almost herbal undertone, and a hint of that tarty-bitterness coffee lovers the world over have come to savor. As I sat there on my deck looking out over the lake, memories of sipping coffee at a street side café table along the Siene River in Paris, the Canal Grande in Venice and downtown Brussels came flooding back. As an old German friend once said to me… “If a cup of coffee does not make your heart race like your first love, it is not a good coffee.” Having most recently tasted Burwell Beans’ Marimba Melody beans I can say no truer words could describe the experience of their fresh roasted coffee beans. Magnifique! Magnifico! Prachtig!

    • Rick Appleton

      Thank You, Art! Love your story and enjoy your new coffee!

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