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El Salvador Finca El Gobiado

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Savor the rich and complex flavors of our single-origin El Salvador coffee, grown at Finca El Gobiado in the Apaneca Illametepec mountains.The coffee beans, a mix of Bourbon and Pacas varieties, are naturally processed to enhance their unique flavors.

Experience a juicy cup with prominent notes of cocoa, almond, and stone fruits, all balanced perfectly with a medium roast level. Perfect for any time of day, this coffee promises a delicious and satisfying cup every time.

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Indulge in the rich and complex flavors of our single-origin El Salvador coffee, grown at Finca El Gobiado in the picturesque Apaneca Illametepec mountain range. This 13-hectare farm is located in one of the most prized coffee-growing regions of El Salvador, renowned for its fertile soil and perfect growing conditions.

Finca El Gobiado is an impressive farm with 38,000 coffee trees, all grown from various varieties of Bourbon and Pacas. Interestingly, the Pacas variety is a naturally occurring dwarf Bourbon mutation discovered in El Salvador in 1949.

The coffee beans are meticulously picked ripe by hand, ensuring that only the highest quality fruit is harvested. Once picked, they undergo a dry fermentation process that enhances their natural flavors and aromas, creating a truly exceptional cup of coffee. They are carefully dried on raised beds for 25-28 days, ensuring they are fully dried and ready for roasting.

When you take a sip of our El Salvador coffee, you'll be transported to the lush mountains of Apaneca Illametepec. You'll taste the natural sweetness and fruity notes that are unique,  with prominent flavors of cocoa, almond, and stone fruits.

The medium roast level adds a smooth finish to the coffee, making it perfect for any time of day.

Our single-origin El Salvador coffee is an exceptional choice for coffee lovers who appreciate the unique flavors of carefully cultivated, small-batch coffee beans.

Order your bag today and experience the rich and complex flavors of Finca El Gobiado in every cup.


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