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Fazenda Serrinha Direct Relationship


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An exquisite Brazilian coffee from Fazenda Serrinha farm, renowned for its exceptional flavors. We source this wonderful coffee through a direct-relationship from the esteemed Fazenda Serrinha Farm in the captivating Cerrado Mineiro region. The coffee is meticulously cultivated by the skilled hands of José Maria De Oliveira, and this single origin gem boasts unparalleled quality.

Grown amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Cerrado Mineiro, The coffee beans are Red Catuai variety, cherished for its remarkable attributes. Through a meticulous honey processing method, the beans acquire a distinctive profile, offering a luscious body that delights the senses.

Immerse yourself in a captivating coffee experience as you savor the gentle acidity reminiscent of citrus fruits. Let the luscious  honey sweetness envelop your palate, complemented by the succulent essence of ripe fruits. Unveiling subtle notes of caramel and almond, each sip promises an indulgent journey for coffee connoisseurs seeking perfection.


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Fazenda Serrinha is an amazing single origin coffee purchased through a direct relationship with José Maria De Oliveira's family farm Fazenda Serrinha, located in the Cerrado Mineiro region. The beans area Red Catuai variety.

José Maria De Oliveira and his family are passionate coffee growers from Minas Gerais dedicated to the production of extremely high quality Brazilian specialty coffees, all in the purest expression and carefully picked with love.

Fazenda Serrinha is the very first farm purchased by José Maria De Oliveira in 2004. Everything on the farm, José constructed with his bare hands, including the very first light post on the property. The main house on the farm is located on Fazenda Serrinha where José and his family resides. The farm is home to the drying patios, raised beds, wet mill, silos, orchard, garden, and horse stables. The farm elevations range from 1000 - 1280 meters above sea level and are located in the only city in the entire country where the Atlantic Forest converges precisely with the Cerrado Mineiro. Combining both biomes presents an ideal combination of precipitation and acidity from de Cerrado Mineiro soil. Regional micro-climates are also an ideal circumstance that allows our coffees to consistently showcase its uniqueness and versatility as a result of the regional micro-climates.

The coffees produced at the farm are Rainforest Alliance Certified, UTZ Certified, guaranteeing sustainable practices and social and economic benefits to the region of Cerrado Mineiro

This coffee is perfect for filter and press

Taste notes:

  • Silky mouthfeel
  • Honey Sweetness
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Almond


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