We Operate Responsibly


We work closely with our professional importers to select the finest quality green beans and make sure they meet a specialty quality score, based on Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) criteria.

We provide full transparency and traceability of the beans, back to the farmers, producers, and exporters. What’s more, we’re currently exploring direct-trade relationships with the farmers, and our vision is to provide greater sustainability to the coffee industry itself.

Committed to full compliance with the Food Modernization Act, we operate our roastery under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are registered with the FDA. Our goal is to ensure the highest supply chain quality, traceability, and ethical standards are maintained throughout our roasting process.


From the beginning, we’ve invested heavily in the most advanced, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly equipment available. For example, exhaust from the roaster is connected to a Vortx EcoFilter™ that removes smoke, dust, and chaff and generates zero greenhouse gases, zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and zero nitrogen oxides (NOx). This is critical, since VOCs and NOx interact with sunlight to generate ground-level ozone.

Our packaging is fully omni-degradable, including the zipper and bag valve and can go straight in the compost bin! We compost all our coffee chaff, grinds, and other compostable waste streams in our roastery too, (we partner with Black Earth Compost) and reuse or recycle other waste-streams wherever possible.

At Burwell Beans, we take pride in our coffee – and in acting as stewards for our magnificent planet.

Giving Back and Community

Our purchasing strategy ensures that the farmers – our coffee producers – are paid fairly to keep their farms and livelihoods sustainable.

Dedicated to serving our community, we support local charitable, educational, and social events. We’re constantly seeking local and national opportunities to support worthwhile causes such as music education, female empowerment, veteran support, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is all about COFFEE

Customer service at its finest
Operational excellence for superior quality
Friend of the earth – ensure our operation is environmentally friendly
Fresh start – a new beginning, each day with each delicious cup
Exceptional beans, carefully and ethically sourced
Engagement in our community.



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