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Making Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Making Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew coffee is extremely popular, especially in the warmer months. With some simple preparation and a little patience, you can make cold brew at home to leisurely enjoy.   What Is Cold Brew   Cold brew is different from regular iced coffee, as it is a...

Why We Choose Our Decaf Beans Carefully

According to some estimates, about 10% of coffee-drinkers routinely limit their caffeine intake, and the percentage increases when you consider people who choose to drink little or no caffeine occasionally or drink only at certain times of day. If you are among either...

Making The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making The Perfect Cup of Coffee

An exceptional cup of coffee, as you know, is worth “going the extra mile.” To help you on your way, here’s a simple checklist of suggestions to help achieve that delicious first sip of the morning: Choose high-quality, specialty-grade coffee beans, masterfully...

Creative Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds and Leftover Coffee

Creative Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds and Leftover Coffee

After a neighbor recently hired a plumber to fix a stubborn clog in the kitchen sink, she shared his surprising advice: Never put coffee grounds down the garbage disposal. This seems like a wise precaution, but that doesn’t mean we have to throw them in the trash. In...

How I Launched A New Business During A Crisis

How I Launched A New Business During A Crisis

It’s all about pivoting. Last year, after more than 30 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, I found myself at a crossroads: whether to look for a new job or take the plunge and become the entrepreneur I used to dream about. With so much of my life...

The Surprising Secret to Great-Tasting Coffee

Ever wonder what makes some coffees taste so deliciously satisfying? Exceptional coffee begins with exceptional beans, but that’s no secret. What you may not know, however, is that the way the beans are processed plays a tremendous part in the way your coffee actually...

What Happens in Our Roastery Affects Your First Sip

While you might agree that strict quality control is critical in manufacturing cars or pharmaceuticals, you might not realize just how important it is in a coffee roastery – at least, not until you think about your first sip of the day. That’s why at Burwell Beans, we...

The Day I Found My Passion

The Day I Found My Passion

I’ll never forget my first time on a roaster. By now, I’d taken the plunge, actively pursuing a career as a coffee professional and owner of my startup specialty coffee roasting company. I was in training for Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification at the...

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